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About The Point

It Began with the Pandemic

The lockdowns from the pandemic forced many people to go online.

This was true for Juan, Francis, and Lance who either started their own blogs or joined to write for existing ones.

  • Juan blogged about business and economics in his Superphysics site
  • Lance blogged about IT and tech for Phil IT
  • Francis blogged about history, culture, and the arts in his Urban Transitioner Facebook page

The three decided to collaborate and consolidate their content into The Point in order to gain more visibility while increasing the content-quality.

Gets to the Point

The Point is designed for people who need information in a hurry. We make our posts as concise as possible and avoid using unnecessary information or irrelevant details.

As tech people, we rely on The Point ourselves to keep us updated with the latest trends in software, apps, and technology even for engineering and agriculture.


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